BB Lady in Red

The project


The BB Lady in Red project began as a birthday photo idea. Back in 2016, I dreamed up the ultimate celebration: a self-portrait in a red dress on the roof of one of the skyscrapers of Chicago. I persuaded my most intrepid friend to come with me and bought the dress last-minute on the way to our impromptu shoot. The epic views, the bold colors, the confident pose made me ask "Who is that woman in the viewfinder?". The woman in the red took on a life of her own - and so the BB Lady in Red was born. It was she who decided to travel the world in search of its wonders.

My photography has been featured in galleries in Chicago, Krakow, Zakopane and Nowa Huta and written about by, among others,, and

The Lady in Red never faces the camera, as she invites you to stand with her and take in the spectacle beyond. She reminds us that we are not just passive participants in life, but part of the many wonders it contains. Find the Lady in Red in your life, and seek what she challenges you to find.